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7 Signs That It’s Time for a New ATS

Upgrades are part of life. Something that looked good five or ten years ago may have outlived its purpose, and the ATS (applicant tracking system) is no exception. Typically, once you buy the new product or...

9 Keys to Change Management in a Talent Acquisition Transformation

Keeping stakeholders aligned during a talent acquisition transformation requires ongoing care and attention. Change management isn’t necessarily about making everyone on your team happy all the time, but...

16 Roles and Responsibilities for Your Talent Acquisition Dream Team

Building an effective talent acquisition function requires a careful orchestration of people, processes, and technology. Not only do leaders have to ensure the people who report to them are empowered to do...

Recruiting Technology Trends 2024: What the Experts Are Saying

Do you ever wonder who sets the trends? Who actually decides that a given solution is so good that everyone starts rushing to implement it? In the recruiting technology space, it’s not just technology...

6 Hiring Capabilities You Can’t Live Without in 2024

Improving hiring capabilities has always been a mixture of updates to processes and technologies. As you look ahead, it’s helpful to know where simple process changes can help you, and where you might need to...


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SmartRecruiters recently launched SmartMessage, the industry’s first natively-built text recruiting solution. This will allow hiring teams to reach a wider pool of candidates and deepen their engagement—bridging the divide...

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