SmartRecruiters Admin Certification


  • Objectives System / Overview Roles & Responsibilities
  • Permissions Admin Configuration / Company Settings & Administration
  • Configuration (job fields, approvals…) / Admin Configuration - Candidate & Offer Management Admin Configuration / Career Page and API’s / Analytics Optimization and Different Views / Prep for test


The course is focused on the administration of the system. If you have never used SmartRecruiters before please view the Admin 101 and 201 lessons prior to attending this session. It is important that you have an understanding of SmartRecruiters as a recruiter BEFORE you attend the session as recruiter topics will not be covered in this training session.


A quiet environment to do the sessions so you are not disturbed. 


You will be able to do the certification test in your own time but we will offer a session to support with any questions following the test for queries if you wish. The test is timed so you will need to make sure you are in a quiet place where you will not be distracted or disturbed to sit the test.

*Limited space, first come first serve basis.

To access the events, please log in to the product home page and access the help center from there.

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SmartRecruiters Admin Certification
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SmartRecruiters Admin Certification (EMEA)
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