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Why SmartRecruiters Attrax?

In today’s competitive talent market, recruiting teams need to make every engagement with candidates count. A strong career site is critical – it creates the first impression, it represents your brand and culture, and it gives candidates a sense of what it’s like to work there. SmartRecruiters Attrax provides award-winning career sites that let you showcase your brand, provide personalized candidate experiences, and convert candidates into high-quality job applicants.

Recruit like a marketer

Target and attract top talent with career sites that are optimized for search engines and job aggregators. Use analytics to dial in your campaigns.

Engage candidates

Wow candidates with awesome brand engagement and personalized experiences. Successfully convert them with friction-free job applications.

Empower recruiting teams

Give your recruiting teams the tools they need to win. Self-serve career sites and campaigns? Check. Already works with SmartRecruiters? Done. Secure and compliant? To the highest level.

SmartRecruiters is a Top Rated service provider for Recruitment Marketing on TrustRadius for 2023. Want to see how our customers are building award winning career sites to find great candidates? Click here to request a demo


What is SmartRecruiters Attrax and what does it do?

SmartRecruiters Attrax is intelligent career site software that helps companies attract and convert quality candidates at a higher rate than first-generation career pages. Attrax provides a superior experience for potential job candidates, and more control and visibility for TA teams. Attrax automatically optimizes job postings for major search engines and provides an engaging experience that increases qualified candidate applications by up to 50%. Attrax empowers talent acquisition teams to easily build award-winning sites and campaigns without depending on other teams. Attrax is fully integrated with SmartRecruiters, providing a seamless job posting and candidate application experience.

How does SmartRecruiters Attrax work?

SmartRecruiters Attrax provides a drag-and-drop based content management system (CMS) that recruiting teams can use to build award-winning career sites and campaign pages in under 20 minutes. Attrax career sites are SEO friendly and optimized for search engines, which makes your jobs visible on Google and Google for Jobs. Attrax’ personalization engine learns what candidates might be looking for, such as job types, or work locations, and delivers personalized content and experiences that increase engagement and conversion rates. Attrax works seamlessly with SmartRecruiters ATS so you can create and publish jobs to an Attrax site as well as manage inbound candidate applications using SmartRecruiters.

How is SmartRecruiters Attrax different from career site tools that come with SmartRecruiters ATS?

SmartRecruiters Attrax is purpose-built to allow customers to create award-winning, premium career sites. Attrax provides premium capabilities in four areas:

  1. Automated marketing of your brand content and job postings: Attrax sites are automatically optimized for SEO, which means your content and job postings are highly visible on Google and Google jobs.
  2. Personalized candidate experience: Attrax intelligently serves personalized content and jobs that are relevant for the candidate. For example, you can showcase top patents to engineering candidates, but industry awards to marketing candidates.
  3. Career site analytics: Attrax provides analytics that help you optimize all your digital recruitment marketing spend. You can discover the source of your applicants, which jobs and recruiters are performing best, and see what candidates are searching for on your careers site.
  4. Self-service capabilities: Attrax provides a drag-and-drop based content management system that allows talent acquisition teams to build engaging career sites in as little as 20 minutes.

Does SmartRecruiters Attrax meet industry security and compliance standards?

Yes. SmartRecruiters Attrax has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification, and also supports GDPR requirements. At SmartRecruiters, trust and security are our top priority, and we will continue to invest in securing our customers’ data and providing them the tools they need to be compliant with local regulations.

Can I use SmartRecruiters Attrax with other ATS solutions?

Yes. While SmartRecruiters Attrax comes pre-integrated with SmartRecruiters, you can also use
third-party ATS solutions by integrating through an API.

Can I use SmartRecruiters with other career site solutions?

Yes, you can use third-party career site solutions using SmartRecruiters job posting APIs and job widgets. To learn more, visit the Help Center.

My creative agency designs my careers site. How is SmartRecruiters Attrax different?

Award-winning and candidate converting careers sites are much more than just a creative project, they are driven by specialist HR software. SmartRecruiters Attrax provides the complete set of capabilities required to build award-winning career sites – our team of candidate experience specialists work with your creative agency as well as providing our own creative onboarding process should you need it.

Where is SmartRecruiters Attrax available?

SmartRecruiters Attrax is cloud based and can be deployed almost anywhere in the world.

How much does SmartRecruiters Attrax cost?

The pricing is based on business size, the number of users, the number of websites that are required. Please get in touch with our sales team who can provide a demo and help develop a quote.

Will SmartRecruiters Career Pages be sunset with the acquisition of Attrax?

There are no plans to sunset Career Pages. Career Pages offer functionality to create basic career sites where companies can post jobs and candidates can apply. SmartRecruiters Attrax is intelligent career site software that helps companies attract and convert quality candidates at a higher rate than first-generation career pages. SmartRecruiters Attrax provides a superior experience for potential job candidates and more control and visibility for TA teams.

What are Attrax customers saying?

Attrax customers have used Attrax to build award-winning career sites. To learn more, visit the Attrax website.

What languages does SmartRecruiters Attrax support?

SmartRecruiters Attrax can support all Western Latin character sets. This typically includes but is not exclusive to; Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Icelandic. If the language you require isn’t listed above please fill out the form below to get in touch with our sales team.

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