Cloud Recruiting Software without Limits

Candidate information delivered on-demand from a modern and secure cloud platform that lets you recruit anytime, anywhere.

Global Reliability

Meet recruiting demands worldwide with SmartRecruiters’ highly-scalable system architecture that delivers high-system performance and secure, global hosting options.

  • Access candidate data in seconds whenever you need it
  • Stay compliant with local data storage and hosting regulations
  • Get fast, reliable system performance and 99.9% uptime worldwide
ats global hosting

Enterprise-level Security

SmartRecruiters cloud-based recruiting platform lets you operate at the highest levels of data security without additional costs, maintenance or configuration.

  • Benefit from ISO 27001-certified data handling and management practices
  • Safeguard personal data with industry-leading data encryption and privacy controls
  • Secure system access with deep, digital authentication options
secure ats

Sustainable Hiring Impact

Experience an agile recruiting platform, relevant and responsive to industry shifts and market trends so you stay competitive in your hiring strategies today, and everyday.

  • Drive better recruiting practices with innovative, robust functionality delivered regularly
  • Eliminate the need to control software versions and release management
  • Provide feedback that influences product innovation and roadmap functionality
cloud based ats
Take the first step towards Hiring Success
Thank you for your interest in the SmartRecruiters platform. Although many agencies find our software beneficial, it isn't what we do best. If you are hungry to try out our technology and are hiring for < 10 roles at any given time, feel free to try SmartStart today! SmartStart is a FREE version of SmartRecruiters and is designed specifically for teams and small organizations.

If you are already a SmartStart user and wish to upgrade, please navigate here.
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Thank you for your interest in SmartRecruiters. For organizations of your size, we recommend our free version of the platform called SmartStart. This version was built for teams and smaller organizations that typically have fewer than 10 jobs posted at a given time. After you try it out, you can always upgrade at a later point should you find that you need more functionality.