From Good Intentions to Lasting Impact

State of Diversity Hiring Report 2021

Business leaders from the smallest startups to the largest global corporations have publicly committed to taking action against bias and discrimination in their own workplaces. But have they succeeded? Read the report to find out.

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The Data Powering the State of Diversity Hiring Report

400+ self-assessments completed in Q1 & Q2 2021

of respondents headquartered in North & South America
of respondents headquartered in Europe, Middle East, and Africa
of respondents headquartered in Asia Pacific

Key Findings

1 Barely Scratching the Surface

Organizations are missing opportunities to publicly share their diversity commitments. 56% of respondents reported they don’t consistently publicize their diversity plans, commitment, metrics, and outcomes.

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2 Working Without a Plan

Recruitment plans are neither strategic nor specific enough to move the needle. 51% said they don’t have a process for setting diversity hiring goals.

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3 Budgets Haven’t Budged

Employers aren’t adequately funding their D&I initiatives. Only 32% have a budget that aligns with their stated objectives.

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4 Neglecting Opportunities for Internal Talent

Fair and competitive internal hiring plays a critical role in D&I success. Yet less than 15% of participants currently scrub identifying factors from internal applications.

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5 Bias Keeps Creeping In

Many employers have yet to adopt best practices for minimizing bias in recruitment and promotion. Only 31% have implemented structured interviews and 21% use assessments.

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At SmartRecruiters, we believe you are who you hire. Our commitment as a leader in the HR Technology space is to facilitate diversity hiring progress that you can be proud of, we are here to help.

- Rocki Howard, Chief Diversity Officer, SmartRecruiters
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