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What to Expect

0 Why Hiring Success: A New Methodology to Deliver Recruiting Outcomes

Let’s begin with an introduction to Hiring Success and the principles that guide it. You will also be introduced to the Hiring Success Process which will be explored in further detail throughout the guide.

19 Minute Read
1 Evaluate: The Toolkit You Need

Take a bird’s-eye view of the people, process, and technology required to run a successful TA function, followed by a tested framework you can use to evaluate these three elements at a more tactical level.

13 Minute Read
2 Strategize: Creating a Winning Playbook

Now that you know where you stand, how do you evolve? This chapter outlines various strategies you can pursue to level up your capabilities. Use these strategies as a reference for building a robust TA function.

32 Minute Read
3 Transform: Paving a Path

Execution can be challenging, especially when it involves change management. In this chapter, we will discuss best practices to prepare for and implement new processes and technologies.

24 Minute Read
4 Optimize: Iteration is King

True transformation takes time and continuous effort. In this section, we’ll discuss how you can continue to optimize your hiring strategy and processes.

14 Minute Read


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