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Maximize hiring performance while meeting fast-paced demands of the digital economy with talent data and insights. SmartRecruiters’ analytics capabilities arm talent acquisition teams with the data and reporting tools necessary to drive recruiting strategies forward. Gain key insights into your hiring process with end-to-end recruiting analytics and real-time recruiting data dashboards.

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Access Historical Data On-Demand

Keep historical recruiting data in your personal data mart from SmartRecruiters, and have immediate access to all candidates, job, and user data for internal downstream reporting and analysis. You can also export complete data sets quickly and easily for deeper analysis in your business intelligence tools.

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SmartRecruiters assisted Catholic Healthcare in reducing their time to hire from 51 days to just 9 days.

Catholic Healthcare

Build Custom Reports

Create personalized reports in just a few clicks with SmartRecruiters’ native Report Builder. The built-in report templates allow you to easily select and filter different types of data based on your needs. You can automate recurring reports delivery and share results with your colleagues within the platform.

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Measure Hiring Success

Access real-time dashboards for a holistic view of how your hiring process performs from source to hire – including critical recruitment KPIs for measuring quality of hire, cost per hire, and time to fill. You can quickly identify operational bottlenecks and optimize your efforts based on the pipeline performance.

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“The new TA technology landscape with SmartRecruiters and new team structure enabled us to rationalize a steep increase in hiring targets. We reacted very quickly and made 65% more hires in one year.

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The SmartRecruiters hiring platform is designed to help every company recruit top talent. It has all the tools you will need to attract, select, and hire the right people at the right time.

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